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Ahoy Captain Natural Probiotic Hand Cream

Captain, give yourself a helping hand whenever you need it👋🏻

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Give yourself a helping hand and try the prebiotic hand cream for men Ahoy Captain!⚓️

Ahoy Captain, discover our protective hand cream! The formula instantly moisturizes dry hands and strengthens their natural defense shield – the microbiome. A blend of natural ingredients ensures comfort for parched skin. The creamy-gel formula leaves no sticky residue. Enjoy the refreshing scent during application, which will linger longer. 👏🏻

Our natural hand cream for men contains:

  • Soothing like a bandage: panthenol
  • Moisturizing with plant-derived glycerin
  • Supporting the natural microbiome: prebiotic – inulin
  • Strengthening with vitamin E

50 ml