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About Hagi

"It all began with a dream – to make a positive impact and share it with the world."

From day one, we’ve firmly believed that the love and positive energy we pour into our products circle back to us. We witness this reciprocity in your feedback – your comments, reviews, and clamor for more fuel our drive like nothing else.

The idea of crafting a line of natural cosmetics sprang from Hania’s mind, a chemist and cosmetologist, back in the ’90s. But back then, securing natural ingredients and finding a receptive market for such products in Poland proved a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless, the dream persisted, and the moment opportunity knocked, we seized it.

Hania passed on her passion for creating natural cosmetics to her daughters, Agata and Gabrysia. Together, they dove into the lab, formulating, experimenting, and brainstorming their first products. And as if by magic, the perfect name for their venture revealed itself in due course.

“Hagi is an acronym created from the first letters of the founders’ names: H for Hania, A for Agata, G for Gabrysia, and I – these are the Indispensable others who helped create HAGI.”

Today, HAGI is a team of technologists, cosmetologists, chemists, quality specialists, fragrance experts, and safety professionals, but above all, we are true enthusiasts brimming with energy and a drive to make a difference.

Out of great passion and creative energy, as well as with the joint strengths and support of the three women close to one another, a company producing natural cosmetics, with very rich formulations, available to everyone, was created.

Our Values


This is the essence of Hagi, its core and foundation. We test all cosmetics on our own skin before releasing them to the world. They are born as a response to the real needs of our skin!


The heart of the company. It’s where the idea for the company was born and where the source of motivation to act lies. Hagi is a team of true enthusiasts.


Of employees, owners, and the company itself, which is not indifferent to the fate of the planet and its people, especially women, whom it supports through dedicated actions.

What sets us apart


We don’t skimp on ingredients. We utilize the most effective, natural resources because our products are all about delivering results.


Our own production facility is nestled in the countryside, just 70 km from Warsaw. We craft cosmetics amidst fields and meadows, surrounded by the serenity of nature. We’re proudly 100% made in Poland.


Scent is our forte! We believe a product should not only be effective but also provide a sensory delight during application.


A good product deserves the right presentation. That’s why we prioritize the design of our packaging, as evidenced by numerous awards in international design competitions.


We love paving the way, boldly setting trends, and telling the untold. Our Phases project (3 cycle-sensitive facial creams) is an invitation to tender and conscious skincare in harmony with menstrual cycle changes.


We’re a company predominantly run by women, and we’re deeply committed to empowering them. For several years, we’ve been pioneering wise education towards self-care and individual needs. We organize women’s circles, workshops, and girly gatherings. We believe in the power of women and their business potential. Supporting women in business is our mission.

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Hagi sp. z o.o. is implementing the Polish Bridges of Technology Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Priority Axis III Support for Innovation in Enterprises, Measure: 3.3 Support for Promotion and Internationalisation of Innovative Enterprises of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020 Polish Bridges of Technology. Contract No.: POIR-03.03.01-00-0001/17-00 Polish Technological Bridges.