naturalne początki - kosmetyki hagi

Natural beginings

Years passed, our children flew the nest, and a time came to focus on ourselves and our dreams. My husband started “taming” our piece of land. After a few nights and days spent in the countryside, we felt that we wanted to stay there for good. Simple living close to nature and the peace that surrounded us reminded me of my old dream to make natural cosmetics.

I started by gathering and drying herbs, and making water- and oil-based extracts. I learned the names of plants and their properties. Together with my husband, we experimented with steam distillations to obtain essential oils. As chemists, this was a great adventure for us, and also for my two female friends who joined in. After gathering theoretical knowledge from specialist books, we were ready to begin making products. We started with soaps and creams. These first trial soaps often had unusual names, such as “St Agatha’s Soap”, “Disgusting Soap” or “Save the Cream”… and many other names (some more viable than others).

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