Let your skin enjoy slow life and feed it with components which will slow down the passage of time. Daily skin care routine with the cream and elixir rich in nutrients will ensure a fair portion of youthful regeneration for your skin.  We have combined polysaccharides from algae Macrocistys Pyrifera and Enteromorpha Compressa and low molecular hyaluronic acid with Tara tree extract and a fraction of sesame oil improving elasticity.  The addition of beta-glucan offers help to dried and irritated skin. The flowery scent of magnolia allows for a deep relaxation. Pull the brake of your skin and try our new anti-aging care set.

Dermatological tests, after 4 weeks of using anti-aging series, proved a 58,5% increase in skin elasticity for the cream and even 71,9% for the elixir.

The set contains:



Volume: 30 ml + 30 ml

Vegan product



The word may remind most of us of sushi ;) – something with a weird texture, smell, and color. But carrageen moss extract, Irish moss, carrageen or carrageenan (these are other names for this ingredient) restores the hydromineral balance of the skin and adds to its suppleness by boosting its hydration. Carrageenan also supports skin’s protective barrier, fights free radicals, and restores skin tissue, helping it maintain a healthy and youthful look.


Beta-glucan is a valued ingredient in cosmetology and a natural composite of the skin. With age, as a result of the influence of external environmental factors, especially UV radiation, the skin loses its defense against pollution and microorganisms. The skin's natural defense system is weakened, making it more sensitive. The local application of beta-glucan stimulates the natural defense system of the skin and reduces its sensitivity. Thanks to the use of beta-glucan, the skin becomes healthier, younger and regenerated.

Tara tree extract


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